Virginia Strawberry Patch

We had a blast during our trip to Chiles Peach Orchard in Crozet, Virginia. This farm is all seasons. You can pick strawberries, apples, pumpkins and peaches, depending on the time of year. We had brought the twins to Virginia to visit family for their 2nd birthday. I was planning a big, double layer, strawberry shortcake for their birthday cake, so we decided to just pick all the strawberries for the cake here first. Kaan and Rose had the time of their life. I mean, *technically* you’re not supposed to eat while you’re picking, but it was very hard to stop them. They were shoving strawberries in their mouth so fast, I couldn’t even keep up with them. Afterwards we tried some apple cider doughnuts and went on down the road to my favorite Virginia Vineyard & Winery. This was a week ago and they’re still talking about the red wagon and eating strawberries outside.



Their strawberry shortcake birthday cake also turned out great. My mom and I made it together (okay, she did most of the work) and she used straight up pound cake for the layers instead of angel food cake. She also added cream cheese to the whipped cream, so it was a strawberry, cream cheese, pound cake birthday cake!



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