Vintage Style, NYC

I’ve always loved wearing vintage clothes. My friend Heather and I would spend hours searching thrift and consignment stores in high school for the perfect vintage t-shirts. I still dream about two different pairs of brown leather, knee-high boots I had that are sadly dead now. The vintage aesthetic suits me but I also love old books and movies and music. I think I bought this pink dress at a consignment shop about 10 years ago and I’ve only worn it a few times. It looks handmade and hand embroidered, which I love. The vintage Chanel shoes are from here. And the big straw bag I got at a vegetable market in Mallorca. Hat is from American Eagle, but I can pretend it’s vintage. 🙂

Below are some of my favorite NYC vintage stores. Some are go-tos and others have been on my list to check out for a while.



Amarcord Vintage Fashion  ||  223 Bedford Ave.

Massive, high-end vintage clothes

28 Scott Vintage  ||  28 Scott Ave.

Well curated and affordable, open late

Narnia  ||  672 Driggs Ave.

Well curated and affordable



Resurrection Thrift Store  ||  45 Great Jones St.

Legendary Vintage store, wide variety from punk tees to high end vintage

Metropolis Vintage  ||  43 3rd Ave.

Best spot for band tees, packed, get ready to dig

What Goes Around Comes Around  ||  351 West Broadway

Best spot for luxury accessories

Cloak & Dagger  ||  334 E. 9th Street

Super cute little store mostly new stuff but vintage vibes (and some vintage)


I’m reading DH Lawrence’s Sons & Lovers. Haven’t read him since college. I typically read Russian novelists, like Nabokov and Tolstoy, but switching things up.


I’m going to miss vintage shopping in NYC when I move to Istanbul. The only vintage store in Istanbul I know of is the massive one in Taksim. If you know some good Turkish ones, let me know!

Currently listening to Lana Del Rey’s new Lust for Life.

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