Veritas Vineyard & Winery

Growing up in Virginia, I took the mountains and scenic views for granted. Now when I go back to visit family, I’m all about visiting these cute little spots. I’m also all about the wine tastings. A tasting is perfect for trying a bunch of wine and not getting too buzzed when you need to simultaneously take care of twins. I had initially planned to let the twins hang out in their stroller while I did the wine tasting, but Rose was being a real mama’s girl all week (teething.) She was perfectly happy to just sit on the bar and learn about terroir. The woman doing our tasting was super chill and sweet about it. This trip to Veritas Vineyard & Winery was so much fun because the twins and I brought my friend Ilona, my mom, my brother and my sweet niece. The bigger the party, the more cheese and charcuterie platters you can enjoy! After we finished our tasting, we had a bottle of Rose and snacks out on the porch. Then we walked around and looked at grapes. The mountain views from Veritas are so gorgeous. I highly recommend visiting if you’re in Virginia. It’s a beautiful vineyard and the wine is really drinkable. Bonus: If you visit in the winter, they light a big fireplace and you can relax on the comfiest velvet and leather sofas.


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