Twin Parenting

Summer is almost over, but I’ve been thinking about some summer parenting goals and I only have a month left. We’re moving to Istanbul in August so it’s a great time for a new perspective on parenting. Unfortunately, I have to wait on my visa in NYC a few extra weeks, while G and the twins go on our original travel date. I’m super devastated to miss out on some would-be vacation time with them. Hopefully, my visa won’t take too long.

When I finally make it to Istanbul I have some specific things I want to work on as a parent. Parenting is hard. Parenting twins is HARD. Two year olds are hard. Lately, I’ve been getting stressed and forgetting even the basic things I learned about kids as a teacher!

My goals:

  1. Leave the house every day! This sounds so basic, but those days when we don’t go anywhere, always end up being the worst days. Even though it seems like a hassle sometimes to get everyone dressed and diapered and find shoes and fill sippy cups and then sunscreen and sunglasses and snacks!- we’re just all in better moods when we get outside. So, no more lazy days for me.
  2. No yelling. I’m far from perfect and I yell sometimes. But, it never, ever helps the situation. So even when Kaan bites Rose *again,* no yelling.
  3. Frame things in the positive. As a kindergarten teacher, this inclination to tell kids what they should do, instead of what they shouldn’t do is pretty standard. And it just works when you want kids to listen. But somewhere along the way, I lost it. I think because of their language development, saying “no” turned into “no hitting,” and “don’t hit.”  Now I’ve practiced the nos and the don’ts so often they’re just my go-to phrasing. But, their vocabulary has grown so much, that it’s a great time to focus on framing everything in the positive. They key is to think about those things you say “no” and “don’t” to all the time and then pre-plan a positive phrase to replace it with. For me, I need to use “gentle touch” instead of “no hitting,” and “read books” instead of “no ripping books.” *Rose can even shred board books. 🙁
  4. Spend more one-on-one time. The twins (and any two siblings,) are so lucky to have a BFF to play with for life, but they do miss out some on that one-on-one parent bonding. Lately Kaan has been really selfish, pushing Rose away, saying “my mommy!” So I want to plan some days where G and I each do something special with one of them separately.
  5. Silverware goals. This last one is just really random and super specific to me personally. I think Kaan and Rose are doing really well with most of their milestones, except using silverware. They’re horrible and it’s 100% my fault. I’m working on it!

I hope blogging about these goals will help me stick with them. If you have any suggestions for me, leave a comment!!



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