Topkapi Palace

There’s lots of noteworthy sightseeing in Istanbul, but Topkapi Palace is a must-do. This was my second time visiting, and it did not disappoint. I saw some new details and visited the restaurant, which I didn’t even notice during my first visit years ago.

The palace, which includes four gorgeous courtyards, was home to the sultans during most of the Ottoman Empire. They’re doing some renovations right now, but we still had so much to see. I love Topkapi Palace because the details are so varied. Like Istanbul, there are many different styles all layered on top of each other. Each sultan contributed to the overall design and aesthetic of the enormous palace. I particularly love the mixture of Ottoman and French styles. And I was surprised to learn that most sultans ate from imported Chinese porcelain dishes. The Chinese modified the shapes and sizes of their classic blue and white porcelain dishes to accommodate for Ottoman eating preferences, and then the Ottomans decorated them with additional jewels once they arrived. So awesome. I really enjoyed seeing the paintings of various sultans too, because portraits are my thing.

Also, I’ve visited a lot of museums and even in the Vatican, I have never, ever, ever heard such aggressive “NO PHOTOS” as I did here. These pictures are just my perspective, and definitely don’t do the palace justice. If you’re in Istanbul, you absolutely *must* see Topkapi Palace in person, especially the tile work in the Harem.

*Sorry for the poor photo quality! I didn’t have my canon with me because I wasn’t planning to do a blog post. Just loved all the pics we took with our phones and wanted to post them. 🙂

From this view of the bosphorus, it seems like I’m having a coffee in between 2 continents. Europe is on the left and Asia on the right. Highly recommend that lemon, cardamom slush.

SWEATER    JEANS    BOOTS    PURSE (same brand, similar style)

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