Strawberry Fields, Central Park


Typically when we go to Central Park, we enter around Columbus Circle and stop by Whole Foods or Maison Kayser for snacks beforehand. I love the eclairs at Maison Kayser, but all their desserts and pastries are really good. They also have a lot of pre-packaged sandwiches and salads which are just so easy to grab and take to the park.

After we got some snacks, we made a last minute decision to ditch our typical Sheep Meadow hang spot and walked a little extra to Strawberry Fields. G’s sister, Ebru, is visiting from Turkey and I thought she might like to see the Imagine mosaic. Who doesn’t love the Beatles? I wish I could take credit and say I had planned for Rose to wear a strawberry outfit in Strawberry Fields, but it was purely coincidental.

If you’re looking for a secluded spot to sunbathe or just be alone, the area directly to the left of the Imagine mosaic, entering from 72nd and Central Park West, is super close to the park entrance, yet really quiet and uncrowded.

The twins have been fighting over toys and sippy cups a lot lately. Kaan also won’t stop biting Rose. He does it out of excitement and love for sure, so I’ve been trying to channel the biting energy into kissing energy. It works sometimes. Until then, “NO BITING!” is on repeat around here.


















Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Sunnies & Shades


Sorry, Not Sorry Shirt, Super Cute City Books

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