Russ & Daughters Babka


Russ & Daughters is a NYC institution and has been around since 1914. The same family has been running the same business in the same spot for over 100 years! It’s one of the last “appetizing” (Jewish, bagel accompaniments) stores around. They’re known for smoked salmon and caviar of course, but I’m absolutely obsessed with their babka. They sell cinnamon and chocolate babka. On the babka packaging, it explains that Russ was one of the first business owners in the US to add “& Daughters” instead of “& Sons.” So awesome. Inside the store everything is vintage looking and super cute. Honestly, I’ve been past this original location on Houston a million times and I always thought it was the restaurant! Turns out the cafe and store are in entirely different, but super close by, locations (cafe is on Orchard.) The cafe also has a vintage vibe, with a cute diner-esque interior.





So I decided to make babka french toast for our Thanksgiving desert and it was BOMB. This recipe and also this recipe informed my recipe. But basically, if you make french toast out of babka, using any method/recipe you like, you can’t go wrong. I used one loaf of cinnamon and one loaf of chocolate babka from Russ & Daughters and made sure each plate had a mixture of both loafs. And I served it warm (duh) with cold vanilla ice cream and hot maple syrup. Very easy dessert for a busy mama, and everyone loved it!


We also took a few pictures outside my friend’s house before eating Thanksgiving dinner. It’s so hard to get pictures of 18 month old babies. They do not stop moving for a second! I had this genius idea to bring the stroller with us and open it up inside my friend’s apartment. We used it as a sort of high chair while we were all eating. Then, I just wheeled the stroller into her bedroom, sang the “ni-night song” and they actually slept SO well in there while we hung out. This is the first time G and I have ever both been able to hang out at a friend’s house after bedtime, with the babies. I still can’t believe how well it worked. When we left, they fell right back asleep in their car seats and slept fine all night at home. SO, if you have kids and want to leave the house past bedtime without a babysitter, try putting them to sleep in their stroller.








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