Rose Garden Painting

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” -Matisse

We visited these gorgeous, blooming roses in our neighborhood park a few weeks ago. I had this romanticized idea of a rose garden painting picnic since watercolors are Rose’s latest obsession. When I say obsession, I mean she wants to go paint out on the balcony every day, first thing when she wakes up. My plan actually worked out perfectly, until the park official kindly came over and after engaging in small talk for at least 5 minutes, then casually mentioned we were not allowed to eat apricots and pogaca in the rose garden. At that point we were almost finished eating anyways. I laughed at how different it would’ve been in the US. American park officials do not mess around when it comes to breaking park rules. They also don’t tell you “afiyet olsun” (Bon Appetit) before kicking you out. Thankfully, we got some quality painting time in before that as well. Lately I’ve been looking for big statement paintings for our living room and I keep gravitating towards florals. Some of my favorites are below, in order: Henri Matisse, Bernard Lorjou and two photographs by Nick Knight. I’d love to have one of these or something similar for my living room one day, but for now I’ll settle for one of Rose and Kaan’s little watercolors. I use a black Sharpie to freehand different sorts of flowers, and then they paint inside with their watercolors. Like a coloring book, but better. 🙂

Below is a paint-by-numbers kit for adults! Wouldn’t it be so fun?!? They have a lot of different options if roses aren’t your thing.

Thanks for reading!


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