Orange Lavender Frosé

So I know you love rosé. And you’ve probably heard of frosé (frozen rose.) Well if you haven’t made it yourself, the time is now! I recently made it with some friends for a little birthday celebration and it was beyond easy. Not to mention refreshing, tasty and gorgeous.

Step 1: Buy some basic rosé. You’re mixing it with sugar so the dryer, the better.

Step 2: Freeze it overnight. It won’t freeze all the way, and that’s fine.

Step 3: Add the rosé cubes, any citrus squeeze (lemon, grapefruit!) and some simple syrup (I used about 1/4 cup,) to a blender and blend it up until slushy. You may have to help it along with a wooden spoon, depending on the superstar capabilities of your blender. *Make sure your simple syrup has completely cooled, obviously. I infused dried lavender in my simple syrup, because you know, lavender obsessed over here.

Step 4: Top with a liqueur floater if you want. We used triple sec. But I think Domaine de Canton or St. Germaine would be perfect too! I also want to try this with grapefruit bitters instead of the citrus squeeze.

Hope you enjoy it!



PS. The beautiful cakes are from Rose and Basil Bakery and I highly, highly recommend them. Wine glasses from Anthro.

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