Lavender by the Bay, Hamptons

Last year, Gokhan and I had our 3 year wedding anniversary when the twins were still in the NICU. After they were born, I waddled (C-section style) to the hospital every day to stare at them and annoy the nurses. Since I’d been on hospitalized bed rest for 6 weeks before they were born, I hadn’t seen the light of day in a while. So for our anniversary, we decided it was time to go somewhere. We rented a convertible and with a massive, hospital grade pump and a cooler in the back, drove to the Hamptons. After living in the hospital for 9 weeks at this point, anywhere would’ve been amazing. But it was the Hamptons. So, it was super amazing.

This year, we decided to go again, and take the babies with us. Boom, Hamptons-Anniversary-Tradition was born. It was perfect timing to check out this huge lavender farm, Lavender by the Bay. The lavender typically blooms in mid-June, through the end of summer, or even fall, depending on the second blooms. It’s only $5 to get in and see the fields. The farm is much larger than I’d initially imagined.  Even if it’s crowded, you can easily find a spot to explore by yourself. You can walk around, relax in purple adirondack chairs, take pretty pictures, and, if you’re a baby, eat lots of lavender, fresh from the source. They have a little gift shop, where you can buy fresh or pre-dried lavender in bundles. The store also sells lavender honey and all sorts of cute, lavender related things. After we left, we spent the rest of the day checking out all the cute little farm stands and stores on the North Fork.












My Shirt: Storets

My Glasses: Miu Miu

Rose’s Dress: Gap

Rose’s Bib: Billy Bibs

G’s Hat: J Crew

Baby Mocs: Baby Bootiez


I’m seriously obsessed with lavender, and buy it in bulk for cheap every time we go to Turkey. I always make an easy lavender simple syrup to put in my iced coffee or gin cocktails. Just throw a handful of lavender into the simple syrup, while it’s simmering, and then strain. Try it, it’s soooo easy and yummy.


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