Happy Valentine’s Day

We took some random pictures of the twins holding heart balloons for Valentine’s Day. This was actually the second set of 3 balloons, because of the first 3, 2 popped and Kaan killed the other one. I couldn’t resist buying more because they’re $1 each from the Dollar Store near my apartment. Oh my goodness, Kaan is so fast. I’m putting up these blurry bloopers anyways. Because, twin life. This is how it is, trying to get one good focused pic with two 20-month-olds looking at the camera. 🙂 Balloon tip: Tie the balloon to a belt loop on the side of your kid’s pants. Then they can hold it if they want to, but they won’t lose it if they let go. Unless they attack it like it’s a monster they must kill. 😉

I started Tahini Times for a couple reasons. First and foremost, because I love how fashion blogs have reappropriated the myth that you have to be super tall and/or super skinny, (I’m neither) to like fashion or to want to take pictures of yourself showing your style. Also, blogging inspires me to do fun things and is an accessible creative outlet for anyone. Friends tell me all the time, “I was thinking of starting a blog too, but…” Just do it! AND, do it for yourself, not just your readers (hi grandma!)

Another thing we did before Valentine’s Day was credit card painting. You may have seen my failed attempt at making Valentine’s Day paintings with the twins on IG. I had fun watching them scrape credit cards through pink and red paint, but not sure they really liked it. Well, they loved their bath afterwards. 🙂

I was using canvases because I wanted to give them as gifts, but you could definitely use paper and just tape it down. I’ve also seen this project done with those huge rolls of paper spread across a table. As you can see, I just painted the sides of the canvases first. This was a pretty cheap project; I ordered 6 canvases and a little acrylic paint set from amazon for about $30 total. For 3 sets of “paintings,” just $10 each. The cool thing about credit card painting is, it looks even cooler if you continue using the same canvas and add layer after layer, letting each layer dry for a day or two between painting.

I wanted to add a DIY section to the blog and post more about DIY projects and kid art. I’m a little anxious to do so many projects with Kaan and Rose, including many things I used to do with my kindergarteners when I was teaching. Unfortunately, most of them, like credit card painting (?) are not really age appropriate yet. I’m dying to make my own pinterest-esque toddler teepee for the living room. Wish me luck!

With Love,



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