*DIY* Gingham Strap Spring Shoes

So I’m sort of obsessed with espadrilles, especially the ones with straps that you can wrap endlessly around your ankles. My legs aren’t long, and sometimes the straps cut my ankle off and make my legs look shorter. BUT, I just always feel very Penelope Cruz a la Pedro Almodovar’s Volver whenever I wear them. In fact, her entire wardrobe in that movie was just perfect.

Anyways, inspired by the Miu Miu lace ups below, I went to M&J Trimming the other day to pick up some gingham ribbons. Since I already had these pumps, this was a super affordable DIY project. Total was around $4! You could easily grab *any* ribbon that matches literally *any* shoe. I just tied the ribbon around my foot. It doesn’t get any easier! And while you’re shopping, pick up some ribbon to tie around your neck for a choker. I got some mesh, velvet and striped ribbons that are going to make perfect chokers. When you buy thick, quality ribbon, it’s actually super easy to tie and untie. You can just tuck the ends under.

Miu Miu inspiration taken from here.



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