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This past weekend my friends and I had an early Christmas celebration/sleepover in New Jersey and we had such a great time. It’s not often that us three girls get to hang out all together since we don’t all live so close anymore. We met waitressing at a little wine bar in Midtown YEARS ago, and have stayed close ever since. This just happens to be the same wine bar where I met my husband! Kismet. Anyways, you know how it is when a friend moves and you don’t see them as often. It is so worth it to make the extra effort to visit!

There’s something magical about packing a car with presents and cramming adults and kids in the back seat before driving off to a Christmas celebration. We ate a cranberry & mustard pork tenderloin with pomegranate, pecan & mint bulgur salad, roasted sweet potatoes, my husbands homemade rolls and ALLLL the desserts from my friend Ilona’s favorite Polish bakery in Greenpoint. My friend Eleonora makes the absolute BEST cocktails and has bartended all over NYC. The pre-dinner cocktail, before wine, was a pear, rosemary bourbon concoction. The recipe is below! Then for our brunch the next day she pureed a bag of frozen organic tropical fruit with a tiny bit of agave and topped it off with Prosecco. Genius!

After the babies went to bed we played Apples to Apples and watched Jingle All the Way (the 1996 Schwarzenegger classic that my Turkish husband had seen but not me?) Don’t judge! I actually never watch old school Christmas movies around the holidays so it was fun.

We took lots of photos, since we were dressed up in Christmasy outfits. I’m trying to decide if I should use one of them for our holiday card. We tried to get a snap of just the babies for the card, but they were NOT in the mood to sit still. I love the picture of Kaan hugging Rose though. He is so sweet to her and she’s not old enough to really appreciate it yet. Sometimes when she’s being grouchy and crying, Kaan finds her favorite doll “Lovey,” and just gives it to her. Like, here’s that doll you like, I hope you feel better. I mean, what more could you want from a brother?!?

I had to add their Christmas card photo from last year, since I’m still so proud I got the pic with both babies looking at the camera at the same time. I just removed the mobile from one of their cribs, and held it up right beside my phone so they couldn’t resist looking at the camera. I need to think of a similar trick for this year. These little boogers have grown so, so much in a year.

This weekend really put me in the holiday spirit and I’m getting so excited to go home to Virginia for Christmas. Although a little anxious about staying at my mom’s house, which is not twin proof. Not yet anyways. 😉

Have a great week!


Ellie’s **Pear, Rosemary Bourbon cocktail**  

1 oz rosemary infused syrup (heat up maple syrup or simple syrup and steep some fresh rosemary while it cools down)

1 oz pear puree (she blended canned pears with the syrup and then strained the mixture)

2 oz bourbon

Top with cinnamon!

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