Brooklyn Bridge

old COAT    Rebecca Minkoff SHOES

Rose: Gap SHOES, Rothschild COAT    Kaan: Gap COAT

We took the twins to walk across Brooklyn Bridge the other day. *For my Turkish readers, Brooklyn Bridge is an old, iconic bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn, with a raised pedestrian walkway down the middle.* Kaan is really into cars, which he calls trucks, so it was fun for him to look down on them. Rose was having a footwear malfunction and could barely walk in *one* of her shoes. BUT… they’re so cute, I’m sure I’ll try again when her foot grows a tiny bit more. My husband had never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, despite the two of us living in Bushwick years ago. We went right after the twins ate breakfast and it wasn’t too crowded. I want to go back when it’s a little more clear and we can see the view better.

We’re leaving for Virginia soon, it’ll be the twins’ first Christmas with their grandparents. Hope everyone has a comfy cozy holiday!


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