Beach House, Kitty Hawk, NC

One of the sweetest things about having a daughter is wearing matching outfits. I actually bought these matchy-matchy swan outfits, dress for me and shirt for Rose, ages ago. I was only a few months postpartum when they came in the mail and mine didn’t fit! Still working on losing the rest of my baby weight, but at least this dress fits now. 😉

We took these pics while we were on vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Our house rental was in Kitty Hawk and just a short walk to the beach. We felt a little guilty about not really going to the ocean that much, but the twins just had so much fun swimming and splashing around in the pool. The days we did actually go to the beach, I was too nervous to go that far into the water with the babies.

My sweet friend Ashley made me and Rose the matching floral crowns a while back, and I felt like on vacation was the perfect time to wear them. Rose loves wearing hats and thinks it’s so silly to walk around with something on her head. You can see her doing her signature yoga move when I held up her in the air. We call her yoga bear because she is forever trying to back bend into a bridge, mid-hold.














Matching Swan Outfits: Eleventy-Five 

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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